Cyber security awareness that gets noticed

… direct to where your people receive their most important communications—the email inbox.

You can’t educate your staff on threats that are evolving every day, using an annual eLearning module

For a start, a lot of eLearning is boring, unrealistic, and incredibly childish. So not a lot sinks in.

And for many it’s treated as a tick and flick compliance exercise. Not even taken seriously.

30, 60, 90 days from today, new threats will have emerged.

Attacks that make people stop and think “what if that was us?” will have been reported.

But the course will be a distant memory, and is unlikely to get updated.

Cyber security will have become little more than that thing people despondently count down to doing again.

Phishing email simulations only focus on one risk factor.

Cyber security awareness is critical to reducing the risk of bad things happening to people, and your company

The 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that 74% of data breaches involved the human element.

Imagine if:

  • Some of those humans had been more aware of their actions?
  • They’d recently been reminded how easily attackers prey on people like them?
  • They’d heard about recent attacks on industry peers, that made them stop and reflect on their own actions?

Cyber risk cannot be eliminated, but your people can be informed, prepared and alert to it.

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    Cyber security experts are calling for more frequent training, but who’s got time for that?

    Taking time out of busy schedules to sit through more frequent training sessions is a tough sell.

    Even quarterly.

    Human Resources Director – March 2024 headline | Read at

    But more frequent, smaller, digestible lessons are easier to handle, and keep the risks front of mind.

    Meet people where they are at: Deliver cyber security awareness training and updates via email

    Our work inboxes are at the centre of our work world.

    ❗ They’re where our most important communications are sent and received.

    ☑️ They’re the in-tray, out-tray and to-do list we’d be lost without.

    ⌚ They’re the start, middle and end to our work days.

    That’s why delivery via email has so many benefits.


    Messages can be tailored to what’s important, now…

    …not what was important when a module was written.

    If it makes the news, it can make the next edition.


    Computer. Phone. Tablet.

    No special eLearning platforms required.

    If you have access to email, you have access to the latest information.

    Skim read or deep dive, it’ll be getting eyes.


    Read something relevant to the team?

    Sharing it along with a comment is as easy as forwarding an email.

    Creating conversations around cyber security makes it more normal and heightens awareness.

    I’m doing the hard work for you

    Hi, I’m James 👋🏻

    Digital technology has been my passion since I was a kid.

    🕹️ In the 1990s I played with, built and broke computers.

    🌐 At the start of the 2000s I qualified in internet technology, going on to work in tech.

    🚄 In the early 2010s I made an exciting transition into infrastructure asset management, helping to look after buildings, bridges, rail infrastructure and telecommunications.

    🤖 And it seems the 2020s are becoming the decade where my worlds truly collide.

    Everyday I monitor feeds for news of cyber attacks on infrastructure across critical industries.

    I look out for resources and insights to help asset managers stay across the threats facing the infrastructure operators.

    I compile these findings into a digital email digest, supported by web-based resources.

    Every month I share the latest cyber security insights, news and tips with infrastructure asset managers via email

    Each edition is packed with information.

    🗞️ Headlines and summaries of attacks against infrastructure operators.

    🖼️ A profile of an attack with lessons learnt.

    👩🏻‍💻 Cyber-informed engineering (CIE) insights.

    🔒 Cyber hygiene reminders.

    📘 Resources to help your organisation get into tip-top cyber shape.

    Countless hours of work, delivered once a month to inboxes to keep cyber security front of mind.

      Request information on signing up your organisation to monthly awareness emails

      Individuals can sign-up here, even with a work address.

      So you’ve read this far. What’s next?

      Here are four options

      Do nothing.

      I wish you well. But I really wish you’d do something.

      Cyber attacks are happening at an unprecedented rate.

      Some organisations are being taken offline for days at a time, if not weeks or longer.

      The human element is involved in the majority of cases.

      Technology can only protect against some things. It can’t protect against all human error.

      Build your own cyber security awareness emails.

      If you have the time to monitor news feeds every day

      … research the latest findings

      … deep dive into attacks to gather lessons to share

      … and distil everything into an email, every month – go for it!

      Keep looking for answers.

      eLearning, phishing emails, in-person training.

      These tools all serve a purpose. But none of them provide the direct communication that my email provides on a monthly basis.

      Subscribe to The Bridge.

      It would be a privilege to help.

        Request information on signing up your organisation to monthly awareness emails

        Individuals can sign-up here, even with a work address.