SA Power Networks Cyber Security Annual Report 2023

Exemplar cyber security report for boards, executives, asset managers, and external stakeholders

Publisher: SA Power Networks

Published: April 2024

Summary: This report is a prime example of how to summarise and report on the cyber security threats, incidents, activities and projects an organisation’s encountered or addressed over time.

Rarely are operators of critical infrastructure willing to be as transparent about its cyber security as SA Power Networks is. The level and style of reporting shown not only gives customers insight into the challenges faced, but serves to provide other operators with meaningful, actionable information.

This report could be used:

  • As an awakening piece to inform your own organisation’s board, executive, and other applicable teams on cyber security threats, incidents, activities and projects being encountered and addressed by SA Power Networks.
  • As the basis for your organisation’s own cyber security annual report.
  • In parts to inform your periodic committee and board reporting.

The report provides:

  • A template for others to follow, including topics for discussion, structure, style and choice of language, and ideas for visuals.
  • Case studies on actual incidents SA Power Networks had to respond to.
  • Analysis of key threat actors, many of whom are applicable to other operators of critical infrastructure.
  • Uplift activities undertaken and planned by SA Power Networks, offering inspiration to others.

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